Experience Gaelic Games in Dublin

Experience Gaelic Games
Experience Gaelic Games

When it comes to sports, Ireland has traditions unlike any other in Europe. Hurling and Gaelic football are passionately played in schools and sports clubs across the Emerald Isle and league teams have a huge supporter following. The largest matches can attract up to 40,000 spectators. The Gaelic football All Ireland Final is one of Ireland’s largest annual sporting events and teams play in front of an 82,300 strong crowd in Dublin’s Croke Park.

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Dublin's Croke Park
Dublin’s Croke Park

If you’re curious to find out what the excitement’s all about, you now have the chance to try out each sport for yourself. Experience Gaelic Games is a sports entertainment and events company that gives you the opportunity to try out these cornerstones of Irish culture. Become part of a team, challenge others to a match and learn tricks and tips on how to be a better player.

Team-building options

Not only is this a fantastic way to spend time on your holiday, it’s also the ideal team-building event if you’re looking for a new challenge for your employees or colleagues. If you want to combine work and play, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin Airport offers versatile meeting rooms so you can get down to business before uniting your team in some sporting challenges.

Dublin Airport
Dublin Airport

Choosing a game to try

If you’re unsure what each game entails, here’s a brief introduction to get you started. Gaelic Football is the most popular Gaelic game in Ireland. Teams are 15 strong and play with a round ball on a rectangular grass pitch with H-shaped goals at each end. Unlike some other forms of football, players can use both hands and feet to control the ball.

Hurling is known as the fastest game on grass. It’s a stick and ball game played by teams of 15 on a rectangular pitch. Players use a wedge shaped bat to drive the ball over the bar of the goals. The sport is said to be over 3,000 years old, and its female version is called Camogie.