Recommended beers in Germany

There are certain amount of drinks a normal people can withstand. And certainly in Oktorberfest, Germany, there are so many brands of beer that you cannot hope to drink them all. So here are the lists of best beer in Germany (and possibly Oktorberfest?) that are recommended. Of course different people have different tastes so this list is only for reference.

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1 Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest Märzen, 6%: £2.45 per 500ml, Beer Merchants

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Made by one of the Oktoberfest breweries, Märzens was traditionally an end-of-brewing-season beer, made a little bit stronger to help them last through to the Autumn festivals and beyond. Thankfully, this Oktoberfest special is now made all year round. It provides effortlessly smooth drinking with lightly toasted caramel flavours warmed by a comforting cloak of alcohol. Simple beer expertly executed.

2 Schneider Weisse Tap 6, 8.2%: £4.20 per 500ml, Beer Gonzo

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A legendary German beer brewed with wheat and dark malts. It’s full-bodied, subtly sweet, smooth and creamy, and peppered with spiciness from the yeast and hops. High in alcohol and big on flavour, every sip is a beery pleasure.

3 Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier, 5.4%: £1.80 per 500ml, Sainsbury’s

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Top notch Hefeweizens from Erdinger and Franziskaner have been readily available in British supermarkets for years, and we’ve started noticing increased shelf space for Weihenstephan’s version too. And that’s good news because it’s outstanding, as you would hope from ‘The World’s Oldest Brewery’. It’s clean and crisp with delicate banana and clove notes, derived from the special yeast, and a light spice that enhances its refreshing qualities. A classic beer for any occasion.

4 Fruh Kolsch , 4.8%: £2 per 330ml, Beer Merchants

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Cologne’s beer style, Kölsch, is a pale ale bordering on lager territory and Früh’s version is as refreshing as it comes. Clean and light with a bready sweetness, some lemon fruitiness and a dry, hoppy finish. It’s so drinkable that the bottle rarely seems big enough.

5 Augustiner Helles, 5.2%: £2.70 per 500ml, Beer Merchants

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Few countries can match Germany’s lager brewing brilliance, with the country’s malt and hops perfectly suited to the crisp, clean characteristics of a good lager. ‘Helles’ was first brewed in Munich 130 years ago as a reaction to the Bohemian Pilsners, and Augustiner’s effort is one of the city’s most popular. Clear and light with delicate hopping and smooth malts it’s the epitome of a thirst-quenching beer. 

6 Ayinger Urweisse, 5.8%: £3.10 per 500ml, Beer Gonzo

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Add a dash of roasted malt to a hefeweizen mix and you have a deeper-hued dunkelweiss. Ayinger’s is a cracking brew with sharp wheat mingling with banana and toffee flavours and some apple freshness. The finish is tantalisingly dry, fruity and a little bit toasty, begging you to dunk your chops in for another swig.

7 Brauerie Heller, Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Fastenbier, 5.5%: £2.90 per 500ml, Beer Gonzo

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One sniff is all it takes to reveal a Rauchbier’s special ingredient: smoked malt. This beer, a Bamberg speciality, is chestnut brown with a good depth of malty flavours, strong bittering and a shaving of oaky maturity. Dry and moreish, the smoky tones are always present but never dominate, acting like a distant campfire luring you in to the late night entertainment.

Hope you have a wonderful time during your stay if you decide to visit Germany.

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